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Download 'The Five Stages of a Screenwriter's Grief.'

When you hit 'Download,' you will be subscribed to 'A Crack in the Room Tone.' You may unsubscribe at any time. Your information will never be sold or exploited. (Not cool.) 


The Five Stages of a Screenwriter's Grief 

And other things I've learned making movies

I know what you're thinking. Do I know this guy? Should I know this guy? 

Let me ask you this, how many screenwriters do you know? Better many can you even name?

Well, download this book and you'll at least know one screenwriter. An unabashed struggling one, which is the best kind to befriend because we'll never try to sell you an online course on screenwriting. 


Over the years, when the mood struck or inspiration for another screenplay was nowhere to be found, I’ve scribbled my thoughts on movies and other topics that interest me on my personal blog, “A Crack in the Room Tone," which you'll be subscribed to when you download this book.


The Five Stages of a Screenwriter's Grief is a collection of those thoughts as previously published stories (exactly as they appeared online) on the topic of the movies and my personal experience with them—musings on trends, heroes of mine, and incomparable talents I’ve had the joy of working with on my movie making journey. 

Check it out and enjoy my musings delivered to your inbox once in a while. 


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Check out 'A Crack in the Room Tone," the blog by author and screenwriter Fred Smith

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