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The Closet: stories

The Closet introduces ten new emotional short stories with compelling characters vying for glory, atonement, or redemption any way they can find it. Sometimes brooding, often heart-rending, always impassioned, the tales within offer a glimpse into the American struggle and reveal truths we don’t always expect—or admit.

Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth

by Maria Fabian with Fred Smith


For most high school students, senior year is a joyous time filled with unforgettable memories. 


For Maria Fabian, senior year marked the time she lived alone in an abandoned apartment with no electricity, heat or running water. 


This is the story of a homeless youth told through the eyes of a trampled soul who found the courage to believe and the strength to come forward so others may finally understand a problem that our society can no longer ignore. 

The Incident Last Tuesday

a play

Four high school students. 

One crime. 

Someone has to pay. 

Someone has to talk. 

The Estranged Rose
a novella about love and music

An aging rock star.

A struggling garage band.

She was the fate that brought them together.