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Screenplays by Fred Smith

The Coolest Labels (drama)
An 8-episode limited series based on Fred Smith's novel of the same name

Logline: A teenage journalist pursues love and the story of a lifetime at a troubled public high school in the immediate wake of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 Miami.

Status: Optioned and currently in development with Patriot Pictures


The Estranged Rose (comedy-drama)
A feature-length screenplay based on Fred Smith's novella of the same name 

Logline: Looking for a new lead singer, a high school garage band reaches out to an aging rock star--Axl Rose--who accepts on the condition the band does things his way.

Status: Optioned and currently in development with Patriot Pictures


If the Moon Wanes in Color (drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 

Logline: An exotic dancer in her early forties with a plan to make a pile of money and quit the business for good discovers she's pregnant, has Stage IV cancer, and six months to live.

Status: Written and available


Audacity  (coming-of-age drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 
Logline: Two teens—a reclusive bookworm harboring an inner tragedy and a quick-witted computer wiz—anonymously launch a podcast that becomes a smash hit at their school—to the curious dismay of a young pop star—by urging kids to get off their phones and seize life.
Status: Currently under option
The First Date Escape (romantic-comedy-action-thriller)
An original feature-length screenplay 
Logline: A first date turns wildly unconventional when a couple finds themselves trapped in a series of escape rooms and obstacles they must solve together in order to survive...or at least decide if they like each other enough for a second date.
Date night meets Escape Room in a clever comedy with an empowering twist and surprise ending.  
Status: Written and Available.
'Melo (teen romantic drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 

Logline: A birthday kiss from a girl magically cures a high school senior with locked-in syndrome, allowing the world to see his genius.

Status: Written and available
Nebraska Avenue (drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 
Logline: New in town and already on probation, a troubled teen learns about life and love by day from an aging poet and by night from a silver-tongued transvestite and a gang of nocturnal misfits.
Status: Written and available
Works in Progress:
Blackout in Texas (drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 
Logline: A field engineer who lives by a code of service fights to keep the electric grid online and a young family alive during the most devastating winter storm in the history of Texas.
Status: In progress. Full treatment available. 

Stickman (drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 

Logline: A
 down-on-his-luck music manager discovers a mute street performer with a gift for human connection.

Status: In progress

Mind Recruiter (drama)
An original feature-length screenplay 


Having invented a unique aptitude assessment that identifies hidden brilliance at an early age, a driven, Black mathematics professor sets about correcting a flawed system by recruiting Black youths away from one-in-a-million sports dreams and into a controversial program that develops gifted minds for STEM success instead.

Moneyball meets Whiplash in a drama whose main character is perfect for a Black leading male Jamie Foxx.


Status: In progress
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