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  • Fred Smith

The Kinko's Poet

Listen to the poetic groove HERE.

!2 below in Baltimore.

I stepped into a Kinko's on Charles Street, and was greeted by a poet

who welcomed me to his impromptu show by the cash register.

I had heart to spare and so I listened, while the poet spoke his peace

about a boy who grew up hard with words that bit and rhymes that bit harder

than the winter we were all trying to escape.

He was good.

So I an another listener taking reprieve from the cold gave thanks

for his enlightening what would otherwise have been just a night.

And as I paid for my copies, I overheard the poet tell the listener

that it was his dream to self-publish his words, so the world could hear them

and undertsand his song.

And as I left, I couldn't help but overhear the listener talk the poet out of his dream.

You don't want to do that, the listener said. You need an agent.

And I wanted to turn back and tell the poet that his dream was enough,

if he believed in his words and believed in his song.

But it was late.

And it was my turn to head back into the cold.

words and drums by Fred Smith

A Crack in the Room Tone

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