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Greetings Patriot Pictures,

Working with the Patriot team to develop my screenplays (The Coolest Labels, The Estranged Rose, Audacity, Blackout in Texas) has been a rewarding professional experience. I follow Patriot's social feeds and periodically check your company website to learn more about what Patriot has in the works. Last week, I was excited to see "Branded Entertainment" in your navigation bar and became very intrigued as I perused the new division's story leading up to the roster of impeccable directing talent in the Patriot family. I am curious to learn more about this new direction with a hopeful eye on yet another rewarding avenue for our collaboration. 

I created this page just for you to preview samples of my work as a brand storyteller, something I've worked as professionally and passionately for the previous 18+ years. If anything on this page (or site, which features my books and writing) is of interest, I'd LOVE to continue the conversation and potentially discover ways that my ideas and stories can help Patriot find success in this exciting, new endeavor!


Fred Smith

Author | Screenwriter | Brand Storyteller and Strategist 

 I’ve been a brand storyteller at an agency for over 18 years.

  • More than 150 TV commercial writing credits 

  • Over 500 videos of online branded content, amassing over 10 million views

  • I’ve worked with national and worldwide industry leaders in the media, retail, healthcare, financial, clean energy, and tech industries. 

  • Several of my longtime clients gross more than $400 million annually. 


I immerse myself in companies to understand their value proposition, mission, and desire. Then, I tell their stories.

Previous, long-term clients include:

  • ikeGPS (Leading artificial intelligence software and field data acquisition technology in North America)

  • BayCare Health System (Largest health system in the SE United States)

  • Lazydays RV (Largest single-site RV dealership in the world)

  • Suncoast Federal Credit Union (Seventh largest credit union in the US)

  • CPower Energy Management (Largest commercial and industrial provider of demand-side energy management services in the US)

  • The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida's newspaper since 1898)

  • Librestream Technologies  (The premier workforce empowerment platform in the World)

  • Wild Adventures Theme Parks (Largest theme park in Georgia)

  • Tampa Theatre (Tampa's historic movie palace since 1926)

Select Work

all content conceived, written, and directed by Fred Smith

TITLE: "Lasting Memories"

MEDIUM: TV commercial (:60)

CLIENT: Lazydays RV

The largest single-site RV dealer in the world, Lazydays RV  helps RVers discover the RV of their dreams. In this TV spot, an adventurous family hustles through the largest selection of RVs on Earth in pursuit of their dog, who has a nose for perfection. 

TITLE: "Snooping for Adventure"

MEDIUM: TV commercial (:30)


CLIENT: Wild Aventures Theme Park

The boys found something a lot more fun than underwear and socks under the Christmas Tree this year. 

TITLE: "Fall in Love with the Stars"

MEDIUM: Animated Pre-show Introduction


CLIENT: The Tampa Theatre

Tampa's Theatre's outdoor movie screenings were huge draws for families looking for outdoor entertainment. This animated pre-show trailer set the mood for a magical night of cinema under the stars. 

TITLE: "The Desert Dog"

MEDIUM: TV commercial (:30)


CLIENT: Lazydays Tucson

Inspired by the late, great Randall "Tex" Cobb in the Coen Brothers' classic "Raising Arizona," the Desert Dog is coming to the party and he's bringing his toys.

TITLE: "The Home Stage"

MEDIUM: TV commercial (:30)


CLIENT: Suncoast Federal Credit Union

A home is more than a mortgage payment and an asset. It's a theater for your life, and your cherished family is the cast of stars.

TITLE: "The Bridge to Energy's Future"

MEDIUM: Online video 


CLIENT: CPower Energy Management

The largest aggregator of distributed energy resources in North America, CPower understands the triumphant past and is poised to help our nation's electric grid leap toward a sustainable future. 

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