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The true story of a

former homeless youth,

in her words...

"I remember the hunger. The apartment was cold because there was no heat. It was dark because there was no power. But all I could think about was how hungry I was. All I heard in my system was “hungry... hungry... hungry... I need to eat.”  I didn’t have any money. I didn’t have any family. I was by myself. I was alone. I was a senior in high-school."

-opening lines


Invisible Innocence:

my story as a homeless youth

by Maria Fabian with Fred Smith


For most high school students, senior year is a joyous time filled with unforgettable memories. For Maria Fabian, senior year marked the time she lived alone in an abandoned apartment with no electricity, heat or running water. This is the story of a homeless youth told through the eyes of a trampled soul who found the courage to believe and the strength to come forward so others may finally understand a problem that our society can no longer ignore.




Praise for Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth

from customers:



"If you work in a school or just have a concern about youth in America this book is a must read. I have been an educator for over 22 years and after reading this book I wondered how many of the smiling faces I greeted each and everyday were struggling like Maria. This epidemic must be stopped in America."

-Catherine (social worker)


"Maria has an amazing story to tell. I ended up buying a class set of this book to read with my students. It's a great book that teaches a lot of important life lessons."

-Mary (teacher)



"To read Maria's words on pages, just makes a heart hurt. To have met Maria and hear her words in person, makes your entire being hurt. Not having a childhood anything like she endured, just makes it all unimaginable. As a child, having family members treat her so rudely, is just sickening. She had to suffer sad that was. Today, she's a very appreciative young woman who works hard and deserves a life filled with true love and caring. May her journey bring her an abundance of good things."

-Joy (parent)



"The book details homeless youth from the eyes of an actual homeless and abused child. It is amazing in the amount of personal reflection that one does while reading this book. Rehashing memories and behaviors of adolescent children that all seem to come colliding into a realization that the world you grew up in had a lot of dark back alleys and do not enter signs that you never even realized or imagined. It will truly make someone understand why some people act the way they do and change your perspective on "bad" children. You may even find yourself feeling sorry for children that you once felt significant anger toward. It will change your perspective on our youth, the world you grew up in and the attitudes and perceptions of poverty that we carry with us from our childhood."

-Joe (parent)


© 2014 by Fred Smith all rights reserved

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