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A compelling play for HS students.

Failry priced.










The plight of the high-school and independent theater producer is a daunting one. Your goal is to challenge your young thespians with a dramatic and captivating play. However, budgets are tight and profits are so thin, most producers dream of merely breaking even.


The current pricing structure for performance rights all but ensures your financial failure. The reason for this is simple. When you traditionally acquire preformance rights, you're not dealing directly with a given play's author. You're dealing with a middle man, a publishing company who represents the author and seeks to be paid for services rendered.


What if there was another way?


What if you could deal directly with the author in a mutually beneficial relationship that rewarded the play's creator while also keeping your costs down by eliminating the middle man?


Now, there is. I'm offering performance rights for The Incident Last Tuesday to you for the flat fee of $110. For this sum, you'll receive the rights to perform my play for as long a run as you like in any size house you desire.


Why would I agree to such a circumstance? Simple. I want to give high school students a chance to sink their teeth into dramatic roles, and I feel this is the play to do it. Furthermore, I want to extend to independent theater producers the opportunity to not only cover their costs, but lead their productions into the black.


Pricing structure is not the primary reason to select a play to produce. Naturally, you must be moved by the play if you are to dedicate your talents and passion to its production. That's why I'm happy to offer you a free copy of The Incident Last Tuesday for you to review. If after reading the play, you feel it's not one you are interested in producing, no hard feelings. However, if you decide you'd like to produce Incident Last Tuesday, then let us move forward with getting the show on at a price that's fair.


Please preview the video below and fill out the form to receive your preview copy of The Incident Last Tuesday.     





Watch the play's official video trailer below:

Four high school students. Once crime. Someone has to pay. Someone has to talk.

Lies, deception and manipulation run rampant during an afternoon interrogation hellbent on discovering who is the expendable culprit in this one act play by author Fred Smith

© 2014 by Fred Smith all rights reserved

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