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Films by Fred Smith...

Bud and David
The Closet

9 minutes


Two strangers rely on each other for survival during a school shooting. Watch the entire film HERE

Bud and David

9 minutes


30 years ago, they took the Tampa art scene by storm. Today, they still inspire each other.

Invisible Youth of America
influence a short film about drinking and driving

6 minutes


Right now, a teen is choosing to drive while under the influence. Her friends choose to sit idly by. The choice they’ve made will change their lives forever.

Kids in the Shadows
The Invisible Youth of America

11 minutes


A journey with 12 year old philanthropist Zach Bonner on his "March Across America" to end youth homelessness . 

Production Day
The Kids in the Shadows: stories from homeless youth 

32 minutes


The unwanted. The abandoned. The warriors

This is the uncensored story of the kids we've let slip through our society's cracks.

Uploading to Angels
Production Day

5 minutes


Six film kids transform their parents' basement into a movie set.

The Valedictorian's Moment

6 minutes

On the eve of her high school graduation, a scholastic prodigy finds inspiration from the most heartwarming of sources.

Tres Cuentos
Uploading to Angels 

53 minutes


A nine year old girl uses the internet to send homemade movies to her parents in Heaven. 

Tres Cuentos, One Cuba
35 minutes

Renowned photographer David Audet, Tampa's Poet Laureate James E. Tokley, SR and internationally acclaimed musician Alfredo Rivero use the language of art to tell a story of Cuba.  

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