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Watch the book's official video trailer below:

Praise for How Long Can a White Girl Last on Nebraska Avenue? 

from members:


"Wow! Highly recommended for teens and adults of all ages. Wonderful stories."






"I liked how diverse each story was from the others in the collection. Each seemed to appeal to a different kind of emotion in me."



"I found the writing and narrative to be mesmerizing and it succeeded in drawing me into the worlds in each short story."



"I recommend this book specifically to younger adults, but like most short story collections, there is always something for everyone and maybe even more."


From acclaimed writer and filmmaker Fred Smith comes this collection of gritty short stories about teens trying to make their way in a world that's long on harship and short on mercy. 


The book is for sale on Amazon, but you can get an ebook FREE!



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to get your copy for free.

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Enjoy and share.

Fred Smith is an author, filmmaker and product of the Florida Public Education System. His first book Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth is a nonfictional account of Maria Fabian, a former homeless youth who spent two months of her senior year living alone in an abandoned apartment with no electricity or running water. His films The Kids in the Shadows and The Invisible Youth of America have been instrumental in combatting the issue of homeless youth in his hometown of Tampa, Florida and beyond. 


His debut novel The Coolest Labels is set to be released in late 2015.

Visit his site for more free storis and films at

© 2015 by Fred Smith all rights reserved

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