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"A fabulous collection of touching short stories. I was hooked and couldn't put it down."


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The Closet introduces ten new emotional short stories with compelling characters vying for glory, atonement, or redemption any way they can find it.

Sometimes brooding, often heart-rending, always impassioned, The Closet's stories offer a glimpse into the American struggle and reveal truths we don’t always expect—or admit.


Stories include:

"Midnight Blues"
A radio host scrutinizes her conscience when a listener requests a particular song with a deadly history. 

"Larissa's Friday Night Earthquake"
A thirty-something with a broken heart gets back on her feet in an impromptu dance-off.

"The Closet"
Two strangers rely on each other for their safety and survival while hiding in a closet during a school shooting.

"Buy Here, Pay Here"
A used car salesman questions whether his success fuels his neighborhood's cycle of poverty.

"The Exalted Cyclops"
A klansman in the late 1960s reexamines his beliefs after meeting a visitor with ideas for an integrated future.


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