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It’s a noisy world.

A Crack in the Room Tone is a collection of stories that cuts through the tumult and offers an artist’s perspective on the world that surrounds us.

With fiction, photography, essays, interviews, poetry, films, music and more, A Crack in the Room Tone is an online anthology and escape from the deafening clamor of the web.


It’s our mission to fill the noisy world with stories and art that slice through the cacophony of the Internet. We’re not social media moguls, but we have something to say through the work we create... just like you.  

If you’re reading this, you’re exactly the kind of artist A Crack in the Room Tone wants to promote and its audience wants to learn more about.

That’s why
we’d like to feature you with a short piece that describes you and your beliefs about your art. The way we see it, we’re all in the arduous struggle to be heard… so let’s use our super-powers for good and help each other with some serious cross-promotion.

Here’s how it works…


What you do:
1. Answer the questions HERE.

2. Send us a picture (through the email HERE) that will be included with your story. It should be web-ready .jpg or PNG. This pic will represent you, so make it work.

3. Wait to be contacted. We’ll send you a proof of your story, before it gets published.

4. When the story is published, promote the hell out of it. Share it in your network. Tell your friends. Call your mom. Get the word out.

5. That’s it. Nothing to sign. Nothing to buy. Nada. (But if you like what you see and you want to subscribe to A Crack in the Room Tone, we won’t stop you.)

6. If you want to be a regular contributor (now we’re talking) let us know and we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

What we do:
1. Proof the piece (make sure the commas and such are solid)
2. Publish the piece on A Crack in the Room Tone.
3. Promote it through our social channels and with (occasional) online advertising to boost readership.  
4. Include the piece in our (a few times a month) email to our fan base.


So fill out the questions, send us a picture and let's get this going.


Here's to quelling the noise through art,


Check it the image

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