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A feature film about saying what you mean and being what you say. 


Two teens—a reclusive bookworm harboring an inner tragedy and a quick-witted computer wiz—anonymously launch a podcast that becomes a smash hit at their school—to the curious dismay of a young pop star—by urging kids to get off their phones and seize life.

Estimated Rating:

PG -13


coming of age, drama,

comedy, emotional, 



Los Angeles, CA


Jackson Chambers has something to say, but he isn’t ready to let the world see his true self. That’s why his podcast “Audacity” can only be accessed by students at his high school and why he’s chosen to keep his identity as the show’s host a secret.


His partner in subversiveness and secret admirer, Nina Salon, is happily shocked when “Audacity” takes their school by storm, quickly becoming the most popular content on the internet among the experience-life-through-a-phone student body. Still, she wants nothing more than for Jackson to find peace and believes his best chance at attaining it means letting the world know who he really is.


Jealous of the show’s attention and desperately curious to learn its secrets, influencer Sasha Malloy sets out to learn who’s behind “Audacity.” Sasha’s career requires followers, but she’s struggling to discern how much of her own self must be public-facing to satisfy her self-inflicted social machine.   


For Jackson, the clock is ticking. It’s a race against time to speak his mind before his true self will be made known whether by choice or fate. 


Funny, biting, emotional, and inspiring, Audacity is a story whose surprises convey the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster, showing how important it is to use the gift of time to say what you mean and be what you say. 

Lead Characters:
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Jackson Chambers (18)

Jackson is a high-school senior with a gift for insight and communication who’s reluctant to let the world see his true self. He’s hiding more than his ideas about life. A tragic secret cripples him from within. With his mysterious podcast “Audacity,” Jackson hopes that while he might not be able to change his situation, he might be able to change himself and those around him in the process.   

Nina Salon (17)

Nina is a talented computer coder and Jackson’s partner-in-subversiveness who helps him launch “Audacity.” She has a biting sense of humor and is the only person Jackson trusts with his inner truths. Deep down, she’s in love with Jackson and wants nothing more than for him to show the world his true self.      

Sasha Malloy (18)

Sasha is a high school senior and influencer who has recently reached the milestone of 1 million Instagram followers. To the world, she is confident and driven—especially when it comes to making her move as a respected singer. On the inside, Sasha is like many teens—confused as to what her path should be and how much control she has in choosing it. 

Supporting Characters:

Teresa Chambers (36)

Teresa is Jackson’s mother. A former teenage mom, she has raised Jackson entirely on her own. Worrying about her son has taken a mental and physical toll on Teresa, who is deeply religious and believes prayer is the answer to all things, including cancer.  

Mr. Campos (late 40s)

Mr. Campos is a high school teacher who recognizes Jackson’s gift for thought and communication. He understands Jackson’s reluctance to speak up and seeks to spend time convincing the young thinker that his voice needs to be heard.

Rich Malloy (mid-late 40s)

As Sasha’s manager, Rich is dedicated to helping the young star’s career, though it’s clear he’s no match for his client’s feisty will. As Sasha’s father, however, Rich is wise and wants nothing more than to help his daughter navigate the complicated path of becoming an adult.     

Creative Comparables:
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Nayip Ramos is a Los Angeles-based director known for his kinetic, emotional visual style. 

Nayip has long been one of the most sought-after directors in the industry and has worked with many of the biggest names in the Gen-Z field from Disney stars to social media's biggest influencers, including Camilla Cabello, Sofia Carson, Jordan Fisher, Alessia Cara, and Kelsea Ballerini. 


Nayip’s videos have amassed over a-billion views worldwide.


His short film "Allen" was accepted to the Cannes Film Festival. 

See Nayip's work at

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Fred Smith currently has several screenplays in development. 


He is also the author of The Coolest Labels, a novel; Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth, a memoir; and The Closet, a collection of short stories. 

See more of Fred's work at:


Grace Santos is a producer, entertainment attorney, and champion of diversity & inclusion. Award-winning productions include AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women’s Silk, starring Oscar Nominee and Emmy Winner Shoohreh Ahgdashloo, Election Night by Tessa Blake (NCIS) and starring Peri Gilpin (Frasier), and Spun with Eyal Alony which was awarded by the Producers Guild of America. 

Grace is a University of Miami magna cum laude grad, with a BA in International Studies and Religious Studies, then Juris Doctor from Stetson University, Film/TV Producing Certificate from UCLA, and the 2020 Producers Guild of Diversity Fellowship.

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Grace Santos 

Ethos Pictures LLC


7275 Franklin Avenue, #414,

Los Angeles, CA 90046


(310) 734-9324

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