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  • Fred Smith

An Outhouse in Our Time

Seldom do we get the chance to point our lens at another time.

No one knows exactly when this outhouse was built, but it stands today at the Coon Dog Cemetery in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The place is a burial ground for bona fide coon dogs, the first of which was "Troop", who was laid to rest in 1937 by the cemetery's founder, Key Underwood. I went there a few years ago while on assigment covering Tiffin Motorhomes of nearby Red Bay, AL. After convincing my traveling mates we needed an early morning distraction to fuel our sense of adventure, we set off before dawn and drove deep into the woods at Freedom Hills bound for the resting place of the area's most beloved canines.

I'd never seen an outhouse before. Yet I can imagine its one whose door was often left open by occupants who figured the entombed hounds probably wouldn't mind.

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